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Shadow on Concrete Wall
Stars Tattoo

Being Delilah

Main Character: Charlie MacClemore

The daughter of a habitual cheater and a mastermind of deception. Charlie MacClemore is the HBIC of sex, money, lies, and manipulation. She discovered the "power of the p" at an early age, from a series of explicit episodes, from "kissing cousins" to a violent confrontation that left her nearly unconscious. If nothing else, her past taught her one thing – sex is power, an explosive weapon she detonates to get whatever she wants from any man who wants her. 

In this season, it will be jail or hell that will keep Charlie from her freedom of living the good life. 

Stars Tattoo
Shadow on Concrete Wall
Several Open Books

Meet The Author

Maya Avery was born and raised in the Dirty South, in the small town of Wiggins, Mississippi. She admits to facing much pride and prejudice as a black woman in the South; however, she didn't allow her birthing place to become her ideal for how life should be. Maya is a proud mother of three children and her fur baby, Pancake. She enjoys being with her friends and family, but more importantly, reminding whoever will listen of how God renewed and saved her.

Being Delilah is Maya Avery's first book.

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