Mouth Dropper"

Mouth Dropper

"I knew after the first three sentences this book would be juicy. I went from casually sitting in my chair reading to picking my mouth up off the floor within five minutes. I couldn't wait to finish reading the book. Being Delilah, it if one for your personal library." -Leonna Wilson

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I wrote Being Delilah to attach a name and face for every woman who's ashamed of her past, maybe present. Our behaviors were introduced to us from someone somewhere. At the end of the day, we’re deser

Peeked My Interest Immediately "The writing very controversial and relatable (for a black women person); not too high minded or flowery at all, very stinging and matter of fact. I like the descriptiv

" This book definitely is a page turner. The main character Charlie drew me in. In the beginning I wonder if she would be a self-indulgent gold digger, and find true love or will she remain unchangeab